UPDATE #37 10/12/13

This is the big one. Why? I have finished all the backdrops and valances. This is a major step on the way to scenery.

It has been a long process to this point. I spent most of the summer working on these in the heat. I don't know why I chose this time of year but when I get motivated and going on something, I usually like to finish. The cooler weather has been nice to go out to the garage when it's only in the 70-80 degree range.

I started off getting the second level backdrop framing up. If I were smarter I would have made the backdrop framing go all the way up when I built the first level. Oh well, hindsight. It only cost me a few extra boards over all. I got a hold of a product called bendy MDF. This allowed me to make rounded ends on the top and bottom levels. It's a really neat product and bends down to 6" if needed. The rest of the backdrops when up with plain old hardboard or masonite as I have always called it.

I managed to get the drop box for bridge 209 installed and the facia cut. I left it high until I can get the bridge into its final position and then I will go back and cut it down to the right level.

The final few pictures are of the valance above the Polson Branch. I wanted to trim out the underside of it since my storage shelving above it stuck out farther then the actual valance needed. I attached some extra bracing to the bottom side of my overhead rack and that leveled out the masonite from front to back. I like how this came out and it gives it a nice clean look.

My next step is to tape all the joints and cover the screw heads. This might take a bit but I want to at least get the backdrops painted blue before the end of the year. Lighting is another big project but I can still work on the patching and even some scenery without it.

Framing for second level backdrops.

Framing for second level backdrops.

Backdrops all complete.

Corner valance bracing.

More bracing.

Bridge 209

Corner valance up.

Completed corner.

Bendy MDF and backdrop at Austin Creek.

Bracing for valance.

Valance bracing.

Plywood curved bracing added.

Completed valance at Austin Creek.

Polson branch valance trim.

Polson branch valance trim.

Polson branch valance trim.

Polson branch valance trim.

Polson branch valance trim.

Polson branch valances.

Mullan Tunnel valance.

Iron Ridge cut completed valance and trim.

Completed end valance and trim.

Skyline siding area valance and trim.

Missoula/Blossburg valance and trim.