UPDATE #34 02/16/12

Just to let you know I am alive and well. I'm sure some of you thought I was missing or dead. Working a short pool for the railroad is brutal. I work almost everyday and when I am home I don't feel like doing much. Getting motivated has taken a while but I was finally able to get out to the garage for some much needed miniature railroading.

I was not happy with the Polson Branch so I made a few changes to make it closer to the prototype. My trip last year yielded some much needed photos and I made the changes to reflect them.

I got rid of Agency which was only a short spur track. I moved the corner coming on to the main portion of the branch to the inside closer to the wall to accommodate Charlo, which got a new switch and a Tortoise switch machine. I then moved on to Ronan which I found had a few more industries I could model. I added two more spur tracks and will add a couple of flat buildings up against the wall made from pictures later on.

I added Tortoise switch machines to all the new switches to make them look better then using the giant caboose industry ground throws. They also help from having to buy frog juicers as I can use the extra contacts to power them. I use the blue contact strips to add a quick disconnect in case of any problems. I will add scale switch stands later on.

I have powered up the Tortoises to a Digitrax DS-64 so that all the switches can be thrown from a throttle or WiiThrottle app.

I will move on to the second portion of the branch and add switch machines to all the manual switches and power them up the same way.

As always I have added a few more locomotives to the fleet. Mostly GE's. I seem to have a fetish for them and add them on a regular basis. I don't know why.

Polson Branch, Charlo.


Ronan looking south.

Tortoise installed.

Another GE.