UPDATE #26 3/6/11

The upper level is nearing completion. I was able to get most of the plywood set on the arms. I built the benchwork on the end of Missoula and connected it to the wall system.

Austin Creek Trestle and Greenhorn Creek Trestle are cut in and ready to go. I was having difficulty with the plywood for my bridges so I had to find some that would stay flat. I found some 3/8" that had a laminate on one side that keeps the plywood from bowing. This worked out great and I used the excess to finish the rest of the layout.

I built the base for Austin Creek Trestle and put the plywood on it. I got the towers out from storage and test fit them to see how it looked. The curve is just a little tighter then before but still works out well. I still have to build the base for Greenhorn Creek Trestle.

Gary is planning to come over for a work session or two this week and I am hoping we can get all of the cork done and move on to track. If things go well we could be up and running very soon which is a huge milestone.

This is the large middle island. Blossburg siding will be on the left hand side and Skyline siding will be on the right.

This shot really gives you a good look at Austin Creek testle and the last curve before the mainline goes into Mullan Tunnel. The small shed will be one of two used here to represent the east portal area of Mullan where there will be large blowers on each side.

Here is the support stucture I built for the base of Austin Creek trestle.

The plywood base is installed here and I have brought my towers out of storage for a test fit.