SPECIAL UPDATE #24 1/30/11


That is all I can say. I have finished quite a few projects this week and it has made the layout really come together. The lower level mainline is in and running. I ran a test train back and forth a couple of times to give it a good shake down. I also wanted to check the length of the new siding, Quinns. I posted a video of it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfIV_gMFBv4

I re-installed the gas plant and incorporated it into the lower level mainline. I took all the old track and cork off to add HO cork here which raised the mainline up. It looks like this will become standard for all the mainline near sidings and industries to give it a nice look. I was a little worried about the transitions from the HO to the N cork but it has been very easy using a rasp and sanding.

Gary came over today and we wired the staging yard. After that was complete we finished cutting in the risers for Missoula and got it installed. It was a big accomplishment to get it of the floor of the garage and back in place. I was also able to add the extension to the west end of Missoula after Gary left and got the plywood down. I just have to add a few pieces of cork and track to tie this all in to DeSmet.

I have one end of the Staging Yard to finish this week and I should be able to get started on the Tobin are which is below DeSmet. Once this is done we will just continue working westward to get to Austin siding. The upper level will begin in earnest here.

That's it for now. I am hoping to make one more week of good progress before the Christmas Holiday.

Overview of the layout

Overview 2

Overview 3

Desmet on top and Tobin is below.

Missoula looking west.

Quinns siding.


The Polson branch is on top. The hidden track to the bottom level in the middle and Austin siding is in front.

The end of the middle island.