SPECIAL UPDATE #21 12/5/10

The lower level track is progressing nicely. This is the island from the previous update with track completed.

I have added the siding on the lower level. I have not picked the name yet but I have a couple of candidates.

This is the east end of the siding. The details are being test fit on the cork.

And here is the west end of the siding.

This has been the subject of many discussions so I though I would try it. I used HO cork on the main to make it higher than the siding. The jury is still out but I think I like it.

This view of Pipeline shows the Gas Plant I had on the previous layout. I will tie this in to the lower level.

This is the next section I will be working on. I just have to cut the plywood, lay the cork and put the track in to finish off the lower level. You can see a coal train on the hidden track in the background. I ran this down to the lower level to make sure the siding was long enough.