SPECIAL UPDATE #19 10/31/10

I painted this KCS engine last month. I finally took a picture of it. This was just for fun to add some variety to my main-line power.

I got my first Gevo today. It was worth the wait. They are flawless as Kato's always are.

Here is the corner I have been working on again. I have the branch off in this photo and am working on laying the cork and track since this is hidden. I had to get this finished first as I can't work on the track here after the branch is installed.

This is the tunnel after it is lined inside. This is the hidden track again and will end up on the bottom level eventually.

Another view of the hidden track.

Here is a photo of the corner labeled. I hope this might help you understand the different levels and tracks here. To the left on the bottom is where Austin siding will start which is on the 3rd sub. It will go up at 2.2% all the way towards the end of the garage. The 10th sub to the right goes up and around the back side to the Polson branch. The lower line is the 4th sub and ducks under the Polson branch on it's way down toward the bottom level. When it comes out it will run all the way around the bottom on it's own level and back to the other end of the staging yard which will be Spokane.

This next photo is just to the right of the last photo. This is DeSmet where the two lines split. There will be a set of crossovers here and a large cement plant on the left.

This is a view of where Tobin will be. It is just below DeSmet. Straight ahead this track will curve to the right which is Helena, the staging yard.

In this view you can see the Polson branch 11th sub above. The 4th sub in the middle working it's way down and the 3rd sub on the bottom. This is Austin siding working it's way up Mullan Pass which will end up on the top level as it ascends.

The next few photos are of different areas of the corner.

This a wide shot of the whole corner and branch area.