SPECIAL UPDATE #18 10/23/10

Benchwork progressing in tough areas.

The lower level here is Tobin. We will be adding our helpers on here. This is on double track that comes out from Helena. The upper level with no plywood yet is DeSmet. This is just west of Missoula yard and where the line splits. This area was on the previous layout and will still have the cement plant. I extended the benchwork some to accommodate the plant. The backdrop for the lower level will separate these areas nicely.

Another view.

The lower level view around the corner. This is single track coming up the canyon area towards Austin siding. The line dropping in elevation on the upper level here is the 4th sub or water level route. You can see the line going down here and it will go underneath the Polson Branch for about 18 feet. This is how we get from the upper level to the lower level. The top level line is the 10th sub and goes up Evaro Hill and leads to the Polson Branch.

I have started adding some fascia on the upper level here to break up the scene. The benchwork for these lines have been challenging to build but I am happy with the progress. I will be adding the backdrop on the upper level soon to hide the HVAC.

Here is a view where you can see the challenge of this corner. Multi levels and grades have made this a slow process.On the upper left is the beginning of the Polson Branch. Below on the left is Austin siding.

One more view looking back towards DeSmet and Tobin. Missoula yard is in the upper right and Helena staging is below.