After having a few good run sessions on the MRL Clark Fork Sub we discovered the need for a staging yard. I have two decent size yards on the layout but when you want to get rid of a good sized main line run-thru train there was no place to go. We found a semi easy solution by lifting the Polson branch and building the staging yard underneath.

This is the new frame we built for the Polson branch. This will sit directly above the staging yard.

Here is the Polson branch on the new frame which I made half as thick as the normal framework.

Here is the bare frame after the branch was lifted and mounted to the new frame. It is now portable so it can be removed until all the work on the new staging yard is done.

The new staging yard base has been layed.

Here is the cork going down on the staging yard. Gary looks like he wants me to stop taking pictures and keep working.