It's been a little while since my last update. Physical changes to the layout are minimal in appearance
but we are making progress in other areas. Some of the main work lately has been wiring the layout. We have
have gone form using one lead to run the whole layout to having leads in all the yards and sidings.

Here is a view of the wiring done in Missoula Yard.

This is a view of the cut we made at the Plum Creek Mill on the Polson Branch. It doesn't look like much
right now but the way cars are loaded at the mill we had to drop the track to the top of the decks on the
centerbeem cars. Once the building is built this will make more sense.

Last week I happened to find a set of six LBF high cube box cars. I had been looking for these for a long time.
They will make a nice addition to the layout.

Here are a couple of Red Caboose 2-Bay hoppers I painted and decaled.
I needed a few more ribbed sided cars for the cement plant so I pullled out the airbrush and went to work.