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Road Name Number Model Type Notes DCC Y/N
MRL 17 SW-12 Switcher N
MRL 102 GP-9 Dynamic Y
MRL 126 GP-9 Dynamic Y
MRL 200 SD-40 Dynamic N
MRL 209 SD-40 Dynamic N
MRL 214 SD-40 Dynamic N
MRL 218 SD-40 Dynamic Y
MRL 250 SD40-2 Lion Head Y
MRL 255 SD-40 Dynamic Y
MRL 260 SD-40 Dynamic N
MRL 265 SD-40 Operation Life Saver Y
MRL 304 SD45-2 Dynamic N
MRL 307 SD45-2 Dynamic N
MRL 313 SD45-2 Dynamic Y
MRL 355 SD-45 Dynamic Y
MRL 370 SD-45 Dynamic Y
MRL 390 F-45 Tsunami Sound Y
MRL 391 F-45 Tsunami Sound Y
MRL 392 F-45 Lion Head Y
MRL 393 F-45 Lion Head Y
MRL 401 GP-35 Non-Dynamic Y
MRL 402 GP-35 Non-Dynamic N
MRL 403 GP-35 Light Blue Y
MRL 405 GP-35 Light Blue N
MRL 406 GP-35 Lion Head Y
MRL 600 SD-9 Dynamic N
MRL 651 SD19-1 Dynamic Y
MRL 702 SD-35 Dynamic Y
MRL 703 SD-35 Operation Life Saver Y
MRL 4308 SD70ACe Dynamic Y
MRL 7547 SD-45 Dynamic Y
BN 5516 C30-7 Dynamic Y
BN 5558 C30-7 Dynamic Y
BN 6335 SD-40 Dynamic N
BN 6338 SD-40 Dynamic Y
BN 6480 SD-45 Dynamic Y
BN 6497 SD-45 Dynamic N
BN 6770 SD40-2 Dynamic Y
BN 6772 SD40-2 Dynamic Y
BN 7306 SD-40 Dynamic N
BN 7309 SD-40 Dynamic N
BN 9580 SD70MAC Executive Y
BN 9662 SD70MAC Executive Y
BNSF 4265 B23-7 Dynamic Y
BNSF 5608 AC4400cw Heritage II Y
BNSF 5615 AC4400cw Heritage II N
BNSF 5624 AC4400cw Heritage II Y
BNSF 6799 SD40-2 Snoot Heritage I Y
BNSF 8987 SD70MAC Swoosh Y
BNSF 9277 SD60M Heritage I Y
BNSF 9776 SD70MAC Executive Y
LMX 8524 B39-8 Dynamic Y
LMX 8526 B39-8 Dynamic Y
LMX 8531 B39-8 Dynamic Y
MPI 9015 SD-40 Dynamic Y
OAK 9025 SD-60 Dynamic Y
OAK 9058 SD-60 Dynamic Y
W&S 1003 F45 To be painted MRL 393 N