Road Photo Decscription
MRL 11 NW2 #11 was originally built in 1939 for the Great Northern. Modified by BN into an NW2u in 1976. Aquired by MRL on 10/87 and redesignated SW12.
MRL 151 This unit designated GP19-1 by MRL is a one of a kind. A mix of GP9 and SD40 parts this unit served on the MRL until wrecked on 6/08.
MRL 250 MRL's only true SD40-2 was aquired from BN after being involved in a wreck in 1987. Rebuilt at LRC from parts from a Rock Island GP-40.
MRL 290 MRL 290 was aquired from the BN as a result of a wreck at Helena in 1989. Rebuilt by LRC, it was released later in 1989 in Montana Centennial paint.
MRL 332 MRL 332 is a former Erie Lackawana unit. Originally built as an SDP45 it was modified with an SD45-2 body after being wrecked by EL. This unit is different from regular SD45-2's with a longer frame and SD-40 fexicoil trucks. Aquired by MRL from NRE.
MRL 651 This unit rebuilt from MRL 609 is one of two SD19-1's once on the roster.
MRL 652 MRL 652, another SD19-1 is totaly different from the 651. Looking more like an SD-40 than a SD-9 this unit was rebuilt from MRL 603 a former Southern Pacific SD-9.
MRL 680 MRL 680 was one of the last remaining high hood units left on the roster until dismantled. A former Norfolk and Western unit the trucks were equipt with both high and low brake cylinders..