In this picture you can see the old curved piece of plywood. I had a joint where I joined two pieces of plywood
together and to make this work right it has to be one solid piece.

Here is the corner where I cut out to drop the scenery. I call this a drop box. Basically I cut out where I want to have a deeper scene.
I save the piece I cut out, add some braces and reconnect the original piece lower. Wallah, a drop box.

Here is the box re-installed. A base of plywood is added and then on to the towers.

This is the back side of Austin Creek Trestle. I haven't cut the plywood for the girders yet. This side won't be seen when the backdrop gets installed.

This is the front side of the trestle. You can see the towers here being test fit. Also the girders are held on by small wire to get the spacing correct.

This is a shot of the whole area where work is being done.

Here is one of the sloped approaches to the bridge.

Towards the back I have started to add the background foam to make the angled slope to the backdrop.

Here are a couple of the towers set in place.

A good shot of all the towers set in place.

In this photo you can see the top of the bridge with track set in place. The right two towers still need to be shimmed up.

At this point the bridge will be left loose so I can work on the background scenery easily.

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